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・I’m a fan of AtR and mainly focus on mafumafu (-‘﹃ ‘-)

・Just because of my interest, I built this website. I didn’t expect to have hundreds of visits every day (mostly from Google). And I wanna say thank you all. At present, I have no intention to join the advertisement. I will pay for the server myself.

・Bilibili:@uni_JZLSX   Click here to go in

・To make it easier for more people to know mafumafu, I post some translations and subtitles at Bilibili. However, because I am not good at Japanese and my expression skills are not good, I cannot guarantee that the translation is 100% accurate.

・All translations, subtitles, and videos posted on all platforms are carefully considered by me that it can be posted in public. Anyone nosy and want me to delete my posted videos will be put into my blacklist.

・Intolerable things→ mafumafu‘s Anti, nosy people, and who translate mafumafu’s lyric by machine.

・Thank you for seeing here.

Bilibili:@uni_JZLSX   Click here to go in

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Some of China Mobile’s networks can’t access the original domain name, and just hit the word forbidden in Bilibili. Therefore, I change the domain name to, and the original domain name will be automatically redirected to the current domain name

Some pictures, including the main page, are loaded by jsDelivr free CDN, and this CDN has servers in the Chinese mainland.

Change the website theme to Sakura which I’ve always liked

The photos on the home page (in Chinese) are loaded by servers in the Chinese mainland, which resulted in faster loading in the Chinese mainland (the home page of other languages is still loaded by overseas servers).
“About me” page goes online

Changed the web service software of the website to Nginx

Changed the website server to Linux system(CentOS7)

Migrate the website to vultr Japan server, using Apache (win64)

The website is on Cloudflare

Added Romaji collection

Update the homepage to a new interactive design page
(as it is now)
Enable SSL certificate for HTTPS secure connection

added Translation page, and designed homepage for the first time

Move the website to alicloud’s Hong Kong server, using Apache (win64)

The website uses the independent domain name

Penetrated the site through NAT traversal, use the free subdomain name to get it online


The site is built using WordPress, an open-source and free blog system.

Using server bought from Vultr.

Certainly. The website uses Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International for translation and Romaji. All rights of downloaded video and audio provided by the website and original lyrics provided by the translation page belong to the original author.
In short, translation and Romaji can be used if you give appropriate credit (indicate the translator), do not change it, and do not use it for commercial use.

The website is a non-profit website with no ad, but a website built for personal interest